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 3D-Album CS 3.29

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Age : 38
Mjesto : husino
Registration date : 2009-01-20

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KomentarNaslov komentara: 3D-Album CS 3.29   3D-Album CS 3.29 EmptyFri Jan 30, 2009 6:35 pm

3D-Album CS 3.29 D8d2b6284fe0512f0009623mm6
Description: If you want so that your photographs it would be actually convenient and it is pleasant to examine, it is best to use the specialized program for creating the photo albums. One of the best solutions in this region - these are the rule of programs 3D-Album, which lets out the company Of micro Of research. It is represented by five programs, each of which is calculated for their audience.

Year of the release: 2007
Genre: drawing and the design
Language of the interface: the English + Russian
Medicine: It is present

System requirements:
1. PC of with of 600 MHz or of higher of clock of speed.
2. Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, or NT 4.0.
3. 64 MB RAM of with Windows 98, NT 4.0; 128 MB of recommended.
4. 128 MB RAM of with Windows 2000, XP; 256 MB of recommended.
5. 3d video of card of with of 32MB RAM or of higher, supports Of openGL.
6. 800 X 600 screen of resolution or of higher.
7. 24, or 32 bit of color of depth.
8. Sound of card.
9. CD ROM or OF DVD Of drive.

* the simplest program in this rule - Photo Of showcase. It contains only base possibilities of designing of photo albums and has the limited collection of templates;
* the program Of pictureEZ - these are more seriously application, which includes the possibilities of designing of its own templates for the formulation of photo albums, and also tools for the work with the images;
* PicturePro Of standard differs from the programs enumerated above in terms of the presence of tool for the preparation of finished albums for the record by DVD;
* PicturePro Of platinum can propose the set of professional tools for the press, editings and organizations of images, and also the interesting function Of hot Of spot, intended for creating its own menu for DVD. It gives the possibility to determine any section on the image, during the guidance in which will be lost [audiofayl] or opened the reference in the browser;
* finally, the most complete program from the rule of 3D-Album - this is Commercial Of suite. It is intended for those users, that are occupied by photograph professionally and they are going to use it for commercial purposes. Commercial Of suite gives the possibility to protect by password and to cipher created in the program DVD with the record of photo albums 3D_Album_329_ENG_RUS_YOMATA.part1.rar 3D_Album_329_ENG_RUS_YOMATA.part2.rar 3D_Album_329_ENG_RUS_YOMATA.part3.rar 3D_Album_329_ENG_RUS_YOMATA.part4.rar 3D_Album_329_ENG_RUS_YOMATA.part5.rar 3D_Album_329_ENG_RUS_YOMATA.part6.rar 3D_Album_329_ENG_RUS_YOMATA.part7.rar
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3D-Album CS 3.29
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